Dermatologic Compounding

We custom compound medications for patients, to provide a higher level of patient care.

Commonly Compounded Medications

Calcipotriene/ Fluorouracil Cream 0.005%/ 4.5% – 30g for $55

Wart Peel Cream – 30g for $45
(Salicylic Acid 17%/ Fluorouracil 2%)

Triple Rosacea Cream – 30g for $45
(Azelaic Acid 15%/ Metronidazole 1%/ Ivermectin 1%)

Calcipotriene/ Clobetasol Cream 0.005%/ 0.045% – 60g for $85

Triple Lightening Cream – 30g for $55
(Triamcinolone 0.025%/ Hydroquinone 4%/ Tretinoin 0.05%)


Plus we make 100’s more not listed!

If you’re a prescriber, you can create an account to view our pricing list online! You’ll need to talk with us to get an account creation code!

Innovative and trusted approach to compounding products for your patients.

Our compounding process starts with the highest of standards to achieve superior care and service to your patients. We listen to their needs so you don’t have to. We pair this level of service with our state-of-the-art compounding facility to give your patients the absolute best product available on the market.

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